Time Machine Alternatives Mac Users can Consider

Time Machine

Macs are sturdy devices that feature the perfect blend of hardware and software. Thanks to the top-notch internal components paired with a smooth and seamless operating system, users enjoy the power of using the device to perform any computational task with ease and finesse. However, even though Macs feature lightning-fast SSDs, they have a limit when it comes to the number of files users can store. Moreover, there may arise instances when users face the risk of losing all the data stored on their Mac. Hence, according to Norton, backing up data from time to time is very crucial. Thankfully, macOS features a native backup tool called Time Machine that users can use to back up their whole Mac and create restorable copies.

However, there are some issues with the native backup tool of macOS. One of the most concerning issues is that the Time Machine utility gets stuck while backing up data. The Time Machine backup stuck issue prevents Mac owners from seamlessly backing up their data. Even though users can resolve the issues by following a series of steps, they may come back again. Hence, users tired of using the Time Machine utility because of its issues can switch to a third-party alternative that packs in better features and functionalities. This article will list some of the best alternatives to macOS’s native Time Machine utility, using which users can easily back up their Mac’s data. Let us get started:


As the name suggests, SuperDuper! is an excellent backup application that packs in tons of backup and restore capabilities. Even though it is a paid application, its one-time fee justifies the plethora of advanced features and functionalities it offers to users. Some of the most prominent features of the application include scheduling, smart updates, scripting, etc. The Time Machine alternative allows users to create a bootable clone of their Mac’s local drives. Besides this, the app also features an option using which individuals can keep two separate folders synchronized. According to most of the app’s users, SuperDuper! is far more capable and powerful than macOS’s native Time Machine utility.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is used by millions of Mac users all around the globe as a substitute for the native Time Machine utility. Similar to SuperDuper!, Carbon Copy Cloner is a paid application that requires a one-time fee payment from users. The application offers numerous advanced features. However, the one feature that stands out from the rest is the ability to create a bootable disk image on any external drive and keep it up-to-date with frequent updates. If you wish to use an efficient hard drive cloning app for your Mac that performs exceptionally well on macOS, Carbon Copy Cloner is a great application you can seriously consider using.

Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro by Belight Software is another top-tier cloning utility that fares way ahead of macOS’ native Time Machine utility. Out of all the popular third-party cloning applications used by Mac owners, this app is by far the most affordable option. Users can purchase the app by paying a small one-time fee and use it to create backups, archive their data, clone their Mac’s disks, sync folders, and perform numerous other activities. Moreover, users can also encrypt their backup using the app and add another layer of security to their data. It is a great app for users who do not wish to invest an enormous amount on a cloning app but still get the best features and functionalities.

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a powerful application that supersedes macOS’s native Time Machine utility in all aspects. It is the perfect all-in-one backup solution that allows users to create local backups of their Mac’s drive easily. The app’s advanced version also includes cloud backup capabilities. Even though it is slightly more expensive as compared to others, the powerful third-party tool offers excellent performance and out-of-the-world features and capabilities. Individuals who are on the lookout for an app that packs it all, Acronis True Image is a great option that they can consider opting for and using.


If you are looking for a cloning app that specializes in cloud backup, IDrive is the perfect application for you. Instead of charging users a one-time fee for a limited amount of storage, IDrive offers users 2 TB of cloud storage space for multiple computers and devices for a fixed amount of money debited annually. IDrive offers a completely different backup approach compared to other apps mentioned on the list. It is perfect for users who have tons of data stored locally on their Mac and who wish to store it safely on a cloud-based storage platform that guarantees safety and security.

If you are tired of using macOS’s native Time Machine utility, choose any of the aforementioned third-party applications to back up or clone drives without hassle.