5 Top Rated Digital Marketing Agencies For Your Facebook Ads

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Whether we talk about Facebook Ads or Digital Marketing, they have a slight difference. Facebook Ads fall under the category of Digital Marketing but it performs the role of marketing. In today’s world, technology has paved its way and business has become easy for many. The struggle to make the existence prominent remains the same. New business or brand invests a lot of money in marketing, yet they do not receive the expected results. 

Mainly because of two reasons: they do not pick on the right campaigns suitable for their advertisement and they are investing money with the wrong people who have zero experience but claim a lot. To avoid falling into the dig, it is advised that have proper research of the agency you opt for your advertising services. There are many agencies in the US offering advertisement services. The Digital marketing agency Arizona works globally. 

Before we move forward to the agencies listing, the readers need to understand the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Google Ads:

  • Google Ads have different ad campaign categories.
  • The client is advised to select the appropriate campaign. If stuck, this is where you need to hire the agency.
  • Look for the targeted audience according to the business/brand.
  • Carefully link with Google Ad Sense.
  • Before the advertisement is optimized and running, go through it to avoid any inconvenience.

Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook Ads generally target the audience on Facebook.
  • If ads are generated through an agency, the risk of any inconvenience could be lessened.
  • Facebook sets the ad for a certain period, a reminder is sent before the expiration.
  • Facebook recommendations enable the clients to work closely on relevant SEO keywords.

There is a slight distinction between Google and Facebook Ads. They only need to be optimized carefully.

NOTE: In this article, we are focusing on Facebook Ads. Below is a list of the top five Arizona agencies that work for Facebook Ads and other services.

Digital Spades

Digital Spades is a digital marketing agency in Arizona that offers various digital marketing services including E-commerce, Marketing, Facebook ads and Social Media Services. Offers these services to clients on a certain selection of time. They work with clients on long-term projects and specific purposes also. They bring unique and winning techniques that run the Facebook ads successfully bringing more growth to the business and sales to the product. 

Para Core

Para Core offers Facebook Ads options to the clients which include PPC for business and maximum sales to the product. Makes it easy for clients to sell their products on Facebook and reach a greater audience. It also enables the business/brand/product to reach more places because of the public groups.


LocaliQ helps clients with different marketing strategies. They enable the clients to make their products sell at greater levels or for businesses to sell their services with greater reach with the help of Facebook Ads. The growth and profit are managed through their smart technologies which optimize the ads and they bring great sales, clicks and leads.  

Phoenix Online Media

Phoenix Online Media brings advanced marketing techniques to its clients. Every client’s order with them is finished with unique strategies. The clients can have a look at their expert and stellar performance portfolios on their website. Phoenix agency helps the client to manage Facebook Ads and boosts the business/brand with positive growth and feedback. 

Last, but not least is EForce Marketing

EForce Marketing works and puts its best efforts into the client’s Facebook Ads. They mainly target to work on organic sales and organic reach. They activate Facebook Ads for the business or brand, and the client can navigate the process. 0ffer all marketing services at affordable prices and the prices can be managed according to the client’s budget. It is recommended to book a free consultation.

Why Digital Spades?

Digital Spades is a digital marketing agency Arizona working in multiple domains of marketing that includes digital marketing, Facebook Ads and E-commerce services. They can be hired for Facebook Ads and other services at friendly budgets because Spades and its team focus on organic progress which brings growth. This makes the bond between the client and the agency more trustworthy. They also let the clients have the proper analysis report of the growth which comes to their business.

Digital Spades is a highly recommended digital marketing agency which focuses on quality, and customer satisfaction and the aura of the company is not compromised. It is a team of professionals who can boost the business/brand with the latest techniques and terminologies.  

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