Top Tips For Buying A Townhouse

Planning to buy a townhouse? Great! But feeling nervous as this is your first time and you don’t know anything about the buying process. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. There are some tips you will need to know while purchasing a townhouse for sale in Calgary

Below mentioned tips can greatly guide you in buying the right townhouse that fits perfectly with your needs and preferences. Now without any delay, let’s move to the first point.

Contact a real estate agent

A real estate agent can be the best guide in providing you with a new home. They will take care of everything included in the purchasing process. For example, advising you on the median price of a townhome, negotiating on your behalf, doing all the necessary paperwork, and much more. 

Remember, agents get commission for their work. Before hiring, make sure to discuss their commission.

Know about HOA and CC&Rs

Some townhomes consist of HOA fees. It is an extra amount you need to pay every month. Before purchasing a townhouse, ensure whether your townhome includes HOA fees, and if yes, how much. Also, know about what these fees cover. Most of the HOAs cover CC&Rs which means covenants, conditions, and restrictions which mention the general rules and regulations you need to follow while living in the locality.

Get a home inspection

The next point is the personal inspection of the townhouses for sale in Calgary. Even after the HOA governs it, conducting a personal inspection is a very important and smart step. Ensure the inspection includes both sides of the home, inside and outside. If you find any problem on any side, ask the HOA to address or repair it before buying it. Also, pay attention to the adjoining properties. Because if the upkeep there is poor or damaged, it will definitely have a bad effect on your home too, no matter how good your maintenance is.

Review your budget

To prevent any loss or overspending, consider reviewing the whole budget, like mortgage costs, property taxes & insurance, HOA fees, etc., in advance, so you can better decide whether you can afford it or not. 

Know your neighborhood

Before finalizing your townhouses for sale in Calgary SE, ensure that the neighborhood fits perfectly as per your needs. Like, in this locality, is there any school for your children or not, a gym or not, and much more? 

Also, try to talk with your neighbors; after all, you’re going to share adjoining walls with them. Make sure they are friendly and of good nature.