Tplink Dual Band Extender Not Connecting To Router

Tplink Dual Band Extender

If you want to play streaming and online gaming anywhere in your entire house, then you can play easily with the network device. But the network device should be such that the network connectivity is very strong and stable. I use a wireless router whose signals can reach only one room. My devices get disconnected as soon as I go to another room and sometimes have to face the buffering signals. If you want to get rid of the buffering signals and enjoy 4K video and gaming, then you can install the Tplink Dual Band Extender device. Because the range of this device is superior & extended. The network coverage is more and your traditional router is easy to connect. The WiFi dead spot is easily eliminated by using the network signals of this device

The wireless range extender absolutely connects to the wireless router, access point, modem, and other private networks. The status light is built-in on the front panel of the extender that provides the status. If you wish to configure the wireless & advanced setting of this device to amplify the network signals then you can use http 192.168 o 0.254 admin and directly configure the setting. By using this, you can very easily configure all the settings.

Why is the wireless router not connecting to the Tplink Dual Band Extender?

The range extender device is designed to amplify the wireless signals of your existing device. If you use a wireless router and wish to amplify this device network signals. Then you can use a range extender and quickly increase the signals. But for this, you should connect the router to the extender. However, the issue comes when the router is not connecting to the extender. There are many issues, which is as follow:

  • Wireless router not within extender range
  • Applying incorrect password
  • Extender firmware issue
  • Virus issue
  • Incorrect password

Some solutions to resolve the issue wireless router is not connecting to the Tplink Dual Band Extender

If the Tp-link range extender device is not connecting to the router then you should verify the issue. If you really wish to resolve this issue manually then you can follow some steps. In the given below, there are some steps to resolve the issue in a quick manner.

Place the router within range extender range

Many times it happens that your router is far away from the extender, due to which the router is not connected to the extender. If your wireless router is not able to connect to the extender then you should ensure the distance. If the router is really far away from the extender then you should modify the position of the router. You can place the WiFi router near the range extender device. If you place it nearby, then your router will be connected to this and the network signals of your router device will also increase.

Remove the virus in the extender

If the virus is there in your range extender device then it does not connect to any device. The virus causes a lot of damage to your device and also slows down the network connectivity. If your router is not connecting to the extender then you should verify the virus. If your extender really has a virus, then you have to install antivirus software. Because this software really eliminates the virus and makes your device better. Then, with the help of antivirus, you can easily remove the virus in the range extender. 

Using correct IP address for the web browser connection

If you are connecting to your router with the extender using a web browser but it is not connecting then it means that you are using an incorrect IP address. Because without an IP address, you cannot connect the router to the extender through a web browser. Then, you should verify the IP address. The correct app address of the range extender device is http 192.168 0.254. You can insert this address in the search field of the browser and then log in to the account. After that, you can visit the setting and then quickly configure the settings. 

Check the router & Tplink Dual Band Extender firmware

If your wireless router is not connecting to the range extender device then you should verify the firmware. If the firmware of your router & extender is outdated then it is not connecting. To resolve the issue, you should verify the firmware of both devices. You can use the router’s IP address and extender’s IP address. This address is input in the web utility and visit in the setting, under the setting, you can select the firmware option. Under this option, you can easily verify the firmware. If the firmware is outdated then you can update the firmware file & easily update the firmware. 

Reboot the router & extender device

To resolve the issue, you can reboot the range extender device. To reboot the extender, you can unplug the wire from the extender and verify any cable is not attached. If any cable is attached then you instantly disconnect it. Then, you can press the power button and properly power off the device. After that, you can again press the power button and turn ON the device. 

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