Tplink Range Extender Setup Issues

Tplink Range Extender

If you want to watch 4K videos and play online gaming with your friends without buffering signals then you have to install such network devices that provide high-speed network signals. Additionally, these signals should be very strong and secure so that your device stays connected. If you want to install such a device in your home then this device is a Tplink range extender device. Because the range of this device is superior & provides high-speed wireless network. The two external antennas are built-in on the top panel of the extender that completely extends WiFi network coverage. With these network signals, the WiFi dead zones absolutely get rid of your home as well as your office. The combined network signal of this device is up to 1.2Gbps. 

Moreover, you can easily extend the network range of your wireless router by using the network connectivity of the wireless range extender device. However, this device has been designed to increase the range of the traditional device and to remove the dead zone. If you wish to configure the setting to enhance the network signals then you can use This is the official IP address, you can easily configure the setting by using this address.

Some causes about setup issue of Tplink Range Extender

You can easily amplify the wireless router network signals by using the range extender device. But for this, you should perform the setup. If you do not set up between these devices then the network signals will not amplify. But many times some issues come while setting up the extender, due to which the setup is not possible, that issue is something like this.

  • Unstable network signals
  • The router is far from the extender
  • Ethernet cable damaged
  • Not using correct IP address
  • Firmware version issue

Some steps to resolve the Tplink Range Extender Setup Issues

If the setup of the WiFi extender device is not done then you should verify the issue. Because many issues are very common then you can try to resolve this manually. In the given below, there are some steps to resolve the setup issue. 

Move the router to the extender

Sometimes it happens that your wireless router is too far away from the extender, due to which the setup issue comes. If you are setting up the range extender and the issue is coming then you have to ensure the distance. If the router is really far away from the range extender device, then you have to reduce these distances. For instance, if your extender device is in a room and you want to set up it, then you have to place the router in the same room as well. You should place your router as close to the extender as possible. After placing the router near the extender, you have to use the WPS button and set up your extender device in an easy manner.

Connect to the stable network signals

If you are setting up your extender device from a web browser but having a setup issue then you need to verify if your network. Because sometimes, the unstable signals are there then you cannot perform the setup. If you wish to resolve the issue manually, then you can connect your device to the stable network signals. If you are using a computer device, to set up the extender device, then first you have to connect it to a stable network. After connecting to a stable network, you can easily set up the range extender device without any hassle.

Apply working Ethernet cable

Sometimes the wireless connection is not correct due to which setup issues come. You can do a wired connection to fix this issue. To do a wired connection, place your router near the extender device. After that, you verify the LAN port in your extender device. Then, you can use an Ethernet cable and connect this cable into an available LAN port of the router & extender device. After that, plug the power cord into the router & extender and turn ON the power. Now, the connection is ready on both devices & you can easily perform the setup.

Test the firmware of the range extender

Sometimes, the firmware of the range extender will outdate then the setup issue comes. To resolve the issue in a quick manner, you can verify the firmware. To verify the firmware of this device, you can open the browser and then insert the extender’s IP address. Then, you can visit the login page of this device, you can enter the admin password, and properly log in to the account. After that, you can select the advanced setting and click the firmware upgrade option. If the firmware version is outdated, then you should download the new & latest firmware file. By using this file, you can quickly upgrade the firmware version. 

Reboot the WiFi extender 

If the issue does not fix after updating the firmware then the last option is to reboot the extender device. For this, you can unplug all the cables & wires from the extender and then press the power button of the extender. Now, your extender device is powered off. After 10 minutes, you can plug the extender into the power supply and turn ON the power again. The setup issue will be resolved in a quick manner. 

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