Typical Culinary You Must Try When Visiting El Salvador

Typical Culinary You Must Try When Visiting El Salvador

According to https://www.emilierestaurant.com/ El Salvador is a country known for having a variety of amazing tourist attractions, such as Lago de Coatepeque, Joya de Cerén, Tazumal, to Santa Ana Volcano. All of these tourist attractions are certainly able to make tourists want to visit. Not only tourist attractions from this country are being hunted by tourists, but El Salvador also has a variety of unique culinary delights that can shake the tongue. Starting from heavy meals, snacks, to desserts can be enjoyed.

Here are nine typical foods that you should try while visiting El Salvador. Anything?


The first typical El Slavador food that you must try is pupusas. Pupusas are El Salvador’s thick flatbreads. This culinary is made from corn flour and rice flour which is then filled with cheese, refried beans, chicharron or squash.

Usually these pupusas are served with curtido or spicy cabbage and tomato salsa. In El Salvador, there are several variants of these pupusas, one of which is pupusas de arroz, which is a dough made from rice flour and filled with pork, cheese, beans, zucchini and various other vegetables.

Sopa de Camarones

Sopa de Camarones is a typical El Salvador food which is quite popular because it has a delicious taste. This culinary is a delicious shrimp soup and is perfect for family gatherings.

As the name implies, the ingredients used to make this sopa de camarones are shrimp. The shrimp used can also be fresh shrimp or frozen shrimp. Other supporting ingredients are onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, green peppers, carrots and potatoes. In addition, this soup is given stock powder and heavy cream to add to the taste of this dish.

Sopa de Pata

This typical El Salvador food is a traditional culinary dish in the form of soup. Made with tripe, beef leg, yuca, corn, banana, toat and cabbage cooked in lemon juice and cilantro. This soup is also often used as a “drunk cure” because it is considered quite soothing when consumed when it is still warm.

There are several differences in sopa de pata depending on the ingredients used. Even in the same area, the ingredients used in this soup may be different. Although generally sopa de pata has main ingredients in the form of beef legs, tripe, and several other types of vegetables.


This specialty of El Salvador is also known as pastel in the Caribbean, and is a traditional dish in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Even a similar dish can also be found in Colombia under the name pastel de arroz cartagenaro.

The difference is that Colombia uses rice seasoned with lali left in the sun. This process is commonly known as orear, where the rice is then mixed with pickles, pork, olives, satiety, choirizo, and other vegetables. This typical Colombian pasteles is wrapped twice, first using cabbage then the second using banana leaves. Pasteles might be one of the snacks that you must try when on vacation in El Salvador.

Panes Rellenos

Sandwich filled with grilled chicken with spices and vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, and tomato.

Pan con chumpé

is a sandwich that has a spicy taste filled with cucumber, tomato sauce, lettuce, radish, and marinated Turkey.