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  • As a pre-requisite, you should be aware of the basics of angularJS and how to create controllers and attach them to the view.
  • The prototype chain is not consulted, and a new aString property is added to the childScope.
  • Index.htmlAs you can see from above images, we have 2 controllers, the inner controller is nested inside the outer controller.
  • Promises have become the de facto model for managing asynchronous work and AngularJS provides a promise model based on the popular Q library but focused on just the core features.
  • You can also create your own services and reuse them throughout your code.

For example, a common task of web applications is to perform AJAX requests to a web server. AngularJS provides an HTTP service that houses all the functionality to access a web server. The advantage of using directives is that the intended logic for visual elements is indicated by the HTML template such that it is easy to follow and is not hidden within a mass of JavaScript code. AngularJS introduces the concept of a module representing components in an application. The module provides a namespace that enables you to reference directives, scopes, and other components based on model name. This makes it easier to package and reuse parts of an application.

Understanding The Differences Between AngularJS and Angular

The model is now bound to a property of the parent scope (because $parent is a child scope property that references the parent scope). Note that we can access the parent scope objects if we set the scope field to true or false. Templates can be defined in several ways, but it’s common to define each in its own HTML file deployed with the application. Each template file includes the HTML fragment that defines the template for the view. This enables the application views, despite being included in a single page, to be managed and considered separately. Normal prototypal scope inheritance with a copy/assignment — ng-repeat.

The following sections discuss the various components involved in an AngularJS application, their purpose, and what each is responsible for. Factory() is a method that takes a name and function that are injected in the same way as in service. The major difference between an AngularJS service and an AngularJS factory is that a service is a constructor function and a factory is not. That is why, in the case of a factory, we return an object literal instead of using this.

understanding angularjs

The factory is a function in AngularJS that is used to return the values whenever the controller needs it. Once the value is created it can be reused by all the services and controllers. In AngularJS, this was true for things like services (e.g. \$http), but now we have to import basic directives like NgModel first . This may seem like a frustrating change, but it ultimately allows you to explicitly control the overhead of your Angular applications which is a good thing.

JQuery, for one, is a popular library that you can use all over your application logic to manipulate the structure of the page or change the style and layout of items. AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap are examples of frameworks used for building an application. When you choose a framework it typically drives some portion of the application design 25 Python Projects for Beginners Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding Python because certain things need to be in place for the framework to function properly. There’s no denying that the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript has enabled the construction of some amazing interfaces. However, advanced requirements in an application can result in the need for more advanced or complex JavaScript to be written.

What is injected into the controller is the product created by the provider, not the provider itself. Also note the difference in passing movieand ratingin the in the directive tag. Properties that have 1-way binding are enclosed within parenthesis .

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Even though the directive has its own scope, there may be scenarios where the directive needs to exchange data with the parent. AngularJS covers that too, by allowing communication between the parent scope and the directive. The directive can gain access to the parent scope by using some special symbols known as prefixes. Prior to Angular, we could use the ng-app attribute directive to connect our angular modules to a view. This process, known as Bootstrapping, has been changed with Angular. Following a common pattern of layering abstractions, AngularJS provides the Resource module which provides a typed interface over the HTTP service for RESTful Web APIs.

understanding angularjs

AngularJS extends HTML by providing directives that add functionality to your markup and allow you to create powerful dynamic templates. You can also create your own directives, craft reusable components that fill your needs and abstract away all the DOM manipulation logic. You can also create your own directives, crafting reusable components that fill your needs and abstracting away all the DOM manipulation logic. Frameworks provide a set of constructs for building your application, while libraries are sets of useful functionality encapsulated in one or more JavaScript files – and there’s no shortage of either.

AngularJS: Understanding Directive Scope

This will prevent the child scope from creating its own property. We will consider an example of 2 controllers, both having data in ‘numVal’ which is binded to input fields and displayed as paragraph. The above example is plain HTML code with couple of AngularJS directives such as ng-app, ng-model, and ng-bind. In the example given above, though the directive has an isolated scope, it uses controller methods and thus is able to interact with the controller. However, because a directive is an independent unit, it should also have the capability of defining its own methods.

Each iteration of ng-repeat creates a new child scope, and that new child scope always gets a new property. The transcluded and the isolated scope are siblings — the $parent property of each scope references the same parent scope. When a transcluded and an isolate scope both exist, isolate scope property $$nextSibling will reference the transcluded scope. Here movieis a property of the directive scope and can be accessed as a directive data. Note that the behavior of these properties defined in the directive scope depends how they are bound to the directive – also known as prefixes – provided.

understanding angularjs

AngularJS is also described as a Model-View-Controller framework or architecture because it takes a modular approach to building your applications. Each view is defined in HTML that has a JavaScript controller module and model that drive the interaction. Even better, AngularJS has been around long enough to have been tested in large applications and has gone through several revisions. Accessing data over HTTP is a common requirement in single page applications. The XMLHttpRequest object can be used directly in JavaScript code, however, it’s commonly wrapped to reduce coding.

These prefixes are used to bind the parent scope’s methods and properties to the directive scope. Services are the major https://cryptominer.services/ workhorses in the AngularJS environment. Services are singleton objects that provide functionality for a web app.

Anything you add to it will be directly accessible in your views. For now, let’s just work with a dummy data array, which we will replace later with our API service. A big part of building responsive applications that work across networks is asynchronous programming. Asynchronous programming uses additional threads to process longer running work without stopping the updating of the user interface. Promises have become the de facto model for managing asynchronous work and AngularJS provides a promise model based on the popular Q library but focused on just the core features. This service is used throughout AngularJS and provides a simplified interface for developers working with asynchronous operations in their Angular applications.


This directive will only show the HTML element if the expression provided is true (i.e., neither false, nor null). In this case, the avatar will only show up once the driver object has been loaded into the scope by the controller. The ng-controller directive defines which controller will be in charge of your view.

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Take bookmarking, for example; if a user navigates to a page, then the content changes, adding a bookmark generally creates a pointer to the original content. Retrieving data from the server, while not incredibly challenging, requires use of the XmlHttpRequest object provided in modern Web browsers. The model used to retrieve data requires a series of callbacks and checking of status codes, as well as managing the parsing or processing of the response data to get it into a usable format. As developers struggled to build applications that worked across browsers using the various APIs available, Resig created jQuery as a way to simplify selecting DOM elements. Once selected, elements could easily be manipulated, have event handlers attached, or be removed completely from the document.

Implementing functionality in AngularJS becomes more modular and reusable if the code has directives defined. And the application of directives becomes more maintainable and robust if the directive scope is well constructed. Dependency injection is a process in which a code component defines dependencies on other components. When the code is initialized, the dependent component is made available for access within the component.

This is done by adding a parser function which is always executed as the last parser function (of the ‘pipeline’ of parser functions). AngularJS Official Website As you can see in the above angularjs.org website, you can download AngularJS 1 library by clicking on the Download AngularJS 1 link. Pearson may offer opportunities to provide feedback or participate in surveys, including surveys evaluating Pearson products, services or sites. Pearson Education, Inc., 221 River Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, presents this site to provide information about products and services that can be purchased through this site. To get started with AngularJS, you first need to understand the various components that you will be implementing and how they interact with each other.

However, we did not address how directives manipulate data objects that are defined in the Angular app. In certain use cases, the directive might need to use the objects and functions defined in the controller—manipulate their values and make calls to the functions. In this post we shall explore how this is done from within a directive. In Angular 1.0.2 or earlier, typing into the textboxes changes the values in the gray boxes, which are only visible in the child scopes.