Uzzy Marcus Speaks on His Brother Killing 2 Girls

Uzzy Marcus Speaks

Uzzy Marcus Speaks Brother LiveLeak – The dead women appeared in a web-based media live stream posted online by the brother-in-law of extraordinary rapper Uzzy Marcus, who has been identified as his fiancee and a young high school girl.

Raymond Michael Weber, 29, faces two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Savannah Rae The bridge, 26, and a 15-year-old woman, whose name has not been released. According to People, The bridge’s family singled him out as one of the victims on Tuesday.

“Our sweet darling Savannah Rae’s life has been taken too soon,” her GoFundMe coordinators wrote.

Thebridge, a mother of a 4-year-old, was originally from Georgia. CBS 13 reported that his mother, Annie Taylor-The bridge, said the victim was living and working in Utah but regularly traveled to California to visit Weber, who was considered his soul mate. was, CBS13 announced.

“She was a decent young lady and this was someone who controlled and exploited her,” Taylor Thebridge told the station in a telephone interview. “He was not a medicine man.”

Uzzy Marcus Speaks Experts responded

Over the weekend, experts responded to a military lodging complex in Vacaville after a neighbor told police Weber was videotaping himself inside an elevator and displaying a weapon. An Instagram live stream similarly exposed a woman and a young woman lying on the floor of the home, the neighbor told police.

By the time officers arrived at the scene around 12:32 a.m. Saturday, Raymond — who was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a range of crimes, including domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon — turned himself in. He was locked inside the house. Therefore, SWAT and management teams were called to the scene but were ultimately unsuccessful in getting Weber out of the structure.

The 29-year-old suspect was arrested “after a brief struggle – during which one officer used a Taser,” police said in an official statement. He was identified by CBS13 on Monday as the more experienced sibling of Sacramento Zone rapper Izzy Marcus. Weber is also reportedly an Army veteran but is not currently a deployment-ready combatant.