VoIP For Business UK Providers

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Many businesses in the UK are looking for VoIP providers phone systems. These phones can help businesses increase their productivity and make business calls more easily. Many of these systems also offer features such as toll-free numbers. These numbers are important for many businesses, as they can help them establish their business in any location. Toll-free numbers can also help businesses increase their sales and turn prospects into buyers.


Whether you’re working from home or at a business conference, Vonage for business makes it easy to manage your communications with your clients and employees. The Vonage Cloud allows you to use Vonage from any location with Wi-Fi. In addition, you can set up an extension so you can receive calls from multiple phone numbers at once. Vonage also offers a wide variety of integrations to help your business manage its communications.

Vonage’s business-friendly desktop and mobile apps let you do a lot more than just make phone calls. From caller ID to voicemail to visual voicemail, Vonage offers a variety of features to meet your needs. Vonage’s cloud-based phone service also includes fail-safe tools, including cloud backup. If your business needs more advanced features, you can upgrade to a business-level plan and enjoy extra features.


Microsoft offers a wide range of VoIP products, including a business VoIP service. However, you must be familiar with Microsoft to set up the service and port your existing numbers over. Another business-grade VoIP provider is RingCentral, which provides inexpensive call packages with a team chat interface. Its customer support is top-notch.

Team’s admin portal is intuitive and easy to use, and includes advanced features like call user management, call analytics, shared lines, and more. It also provides a high level of security, with single sign-on and permission settings for users. The feature set is impressive, and it even integrates with Office 365. Users can also purchase new phones directly through the Team website.


When it comes to VoIP for business in the UK, RingCentral is the top choice. The VoIP provider’s service and features are well-liked by customers, who love the way they can access their phones across many different devices. However, it is important to consider that RingCentral is not the best choice for all businesses, and there are plenty of other good VoIP providers to consider. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and VoIP services use the technology to convert voice into digital data and send it over a computer network.

When choosing a VoiP for business UK provider, make sure to choose a company that offers reliable service. RingCentral offers 24×7 support, redundant data centers, and a user-friendly setup process. It also offers a free softphone application to let users make calls right away.

Lily Comms

Lily Comms is a new VoIP provider that offers cloud-based telephone solutions at competitive prices. With its flexible tech and intuitive software, it can serve businesses of all sizes and types. The company offers solutions for fixed lines, mobile phones, and multi-site operations. It is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking for an all-in-one solution.

The company’s VoIP plans are affordable and flexible, and users only pay for the voice minutes they use. There is no recurring fee and you can keep your account as long as you like. There’s only one catch: you have to sign up for a month’s contract and pay a cancellation fee if you want to cancel your account. It’s also available in more than 40 languages.


If you’re in the market for a new phone service for your business, GoToConnect for Voip for Business UK may be the solution for you. This unified communications solution uses voice over IP technology to offer seamless integration between your office phone and mobile devices. This allows you to communicate with your team, whether they’re in the office or on the road.

The GoToConnect phone system provides business users with a full range of standard business features, including call forwarding, number sharing, voicemail to audio email, automatic call attendance, and caller ID. It also comes with hundreds of CRM and marketing integrations, and even HD video conferencing.


The NUACOM business VoIP system is a great choice for companies that want to cut down their phone bill. It’s affordable and easy to install, and you can operate it on any device. The system comes with a large variety of VoIP compatible phones, and you can even transfer your existing phone numbers.

NUACOM’s online business VoIP solution automatically transfers calls between extensions, and it syncs call data with other business apps. Moreover, it allows you to customize your call flows. You can set greetings, voice menus, and business hours. You can also set ring strategies and set automated call forwarding. You can also flip deskphone calls to your mobile device – a feature that will be useful if you use a mobile device for your business.