Ways to Track Employee Performance

Each business is unique. Even the businesses that provide similar products or services have different ways of conducting their business. Apart from that allocation of work to employees can also be different from one business to another. Therefore, the same system to monitor productivity cannot be expected to fit all kinds of businesses. As a business owner here are a few ways you can measure employee productivity.

Set Clear Targets

You have to set a baseline for each role so that you can later measure the actual productivity against it. Informing your employees of the role expected from them by setting clear targets will make it easier for them to fulfill such work within a given period of time. Simply put, set deadlines. This way the employees will know how to allocate their time within a day in a more productive way. However, you should make sure to set practical expectations to avoid over exploiting your employees.

Measure Quality over Quantity

If your business manufactures a certain product, the number of products made within a day is important. However, trying to make ends meet with regard to the quantity without paying much attention to monitor the quality of your products would end up causing a loss for you. Therefore, measuring employee productivity just by the number of products per day cannot be considered as a feasible method. So you have to make plan which is practical to manufacture a particular number of products with the best quality.

Use Time Tracking Methods

There are different tools that can be used to track the working time of your employees. These can be either time tracking software or timesheets.

Time tracking software/apps usually determines the amount of time taken to accomplish a specific task while a timesheet is a data and information table which can be used to trace the time an employee has worked through a particular period. For an example, MYOB timesheet app can help you by providing daily and weekly timesheet options, integration with SAP, IFS, MYOB and Xero, third party approval for all timesheets and options to include travel hours, lunch breaks and more.

Create an Effective Feedback System

Giving and receiving feedback should not be done only based on the annual report. Instead, create a feedback system to give and receive feedback on regular basis. You can decide on the frequency but make sure it is not too short or too long. Establishing a weekly or monthly feedback system will surely help increase the productivity of your employees.

A Positive Company Culture

Culture is generally known as the ethical and moral values of a business. This is also an important factor to increase the productivity of your employees. You can conduct surveys to get an idea about how they feel about the business. Higher employee satisfaction has a direct impact on the employee productivity.

Your business is different from others. You know your business well and how it works. Therefore, discuss with your employees and figure out the best ways that suits your business to track employee productivity.

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