Why is online mobile phone repair superior to an offline repair store?

online mobile repair

Did you end up damaging your smartphone? Don’t you worry, it happens to the best of us. Cracked screen, water damage, speakers not working, phone hanging, …the list is endless. For a naive user, it may seem like a huge deal. Especially since our lives rely on smartphones literally these days.

But whenever you wonder where to repair your smartphone, you can think of at least three options. In this day and age, customers can choose between online, offline, and manufacturer repair services. Keep in mind that, since COVID-19 hit the world, customers have started to build trust with online services in many areas. However, a person can always have genuine concerns about an online repair service compared to widely available traditional repair services.

This is a discussion in the same way; when we plan to buy a new phone, the first question that comes to our mind is where to buy it. Should we go online or purchase it from a nearby store? In the past, offline merchants were the only option for buying devices, including mobile phones. However, the scenario has changed with the rise of Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Now, multiple online repair services have surfaced in the few years, emerging as the new age change in the market. Companies like Yaantra, PhixMan, Cashify, and so many others have marked their presence in the country. 

But as a customer, you will still continue to worry about the secure and safe environment to get your phone repaired. Here’s a breakdown of why online mobile phone repair is superior to an offline repair store. First and foremost, it depends on the phone you have and how long you have it. Second, it also depends on the kind of damage your smartphone has. For example, you own a premium smartphone and have damaged its screen even though it’s working. But the shatter of the glass screen does not make it safe to use. 

Now, as it is, customers already know the cost of a flagship phone and how much the manufacturer cost for repair services. But what they charge in money, they compensate for by giving you a guarantee of genuine parts. On the other hand, offline repair shops, the local third-party stores, offer a little advantage by charging lesser than the manufacturer. But you can never get a full guarantee on the kind of replacement parts they use to repair your mobile. Worrisome, isn’t it?

However, what if we tell you there’s a way around it? Like you get certified parts and save a little money in the same process. Online mobile phone repair services like us, Cashify, provide you with a painless and swift experience.

All you have to do is register yourself on the Cashify app or its website. From there, you can choose Mobile Repair, wherein you can choose the brand, model and colour of the phone you want to repair. Here’s where it gets even more interesting! Cashify lists down a multitude of repair services for various parts of the phone. Choose the issue or issues you want to repair on the mobile phone and simply book a time and address as per your convenience. And what’s more? You needn’t pay any advance of sorts before the service happens. 

As soon as you book a slot for the repair service, Cashify assigns you a technician. Think of this as a yearly maintenance service check for your washing machine or other devices. Instead, they come to your place, and the qualified engineer simply helps fix your broken phone. Repairing your phone online via Cashify has many benefits like easy pickup and delivery, express service, and, most importantly, quality service. Plus, this is not where it ends; Cashify also offers a warranty period for the repair of your phone. Cashify Repair has a strict policy of using exclusively genuine parts for all its repairs. The products we use to repair your phone are sourced from outside India.

Furthermore, they also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee for some parts like the screen in case of issues. And that’s it! Cashify repair services promise swift and secure service, all while using genuine parts. Cashify also offers other services to its customers, like smartphone buyback, repair service, and so much more.