Why is Vinyl Good for Flex Signage?

Today, vinyl printing is the most common type of banner and sign printing that is used all over the world. Vinyl banner printing has grown in vogue because now there are many options that you can use colors to print on vinyl. 

So, while using vinyl, you easily used a design or outline with the colors that you want to use in your banner. Then the vinyl is loaded into a special machine and cut into your chosen design.

Things to make flex signage or banners

Flex banners are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which gives high-quality digital prints, but is non-biodegradable. They seriously threaten the environment, as they are not biodegradable. Vinyl signage and banners are the most important thing in any expo as they provide information to the visitors. 

Vinyl has different types like eco vinyl, regular vinyl, or digital vinyl. These types of vinyl can be used to stick to a plain surface such as a wall, sunboard, wooden board, etc.

 Flexes emit toxic fumes while burning. These toxic fumes have serious health effects or can cause cancer and infertility.  While burning flex banners releases harmful substances known as carcinogens. Flex burning also releases toxic pollutants like nitrates and sulfates. 

This pollution forms a thick blanket in the air that reduces the oxygen supply in the environment surrounding. An incineration is an option but it can be expensive. 

Since burning flex is a cheap option, many people do it without considering the harmful consequences, the environment is not a public or government priority, so we recommend using starchy flex signage, although it probably doesn’t. 

The benefit of using Vinyl

Vinyl posters have the advantage that PVC makes them quite flexible and vinyl can stick to a surface without wearing out for many years. Vinyl has an adhesive that helps it stick to your banner board after you cut it. 

 Unfortunately, the process of peeling off the adhesive before applying the vinyl to the board makes this type of banner prone to wrinkling.

One of the main advantages of using vinyl is that you can create large, high-resolution prints. Vinyl works well with smooth surfaces, but some can stick to textured surfaces like concrete using a special adhesive.

Durable vinyl

There are many substrates you can choose from for traditional print advertising. These include a variety of fabrics, paper products, and vinyl. 

No other printing material gives you the same quality or durability that vinyl offers. This is also more important if you are hanging your vinyl signs outside where wind, rain, and sun exposure can take a toll on your signs.

Effect on color

When your vinyl signs come to advertising, your true brand colors can negatively impact your marketing efforts. The colors used in your flex signage play an important role in your brand identity, making true color a vital aspect of signage.

With the initiation of digital printing, you can be sure that the quality of your vinyl signs will give you the vibrancy you need to make an impression. 

Uses of vinyl banners

As vinyl banners are great for adding impact to your advertising efforts, as same there are many places they can be displayed. Vinyl signage is custom and provides a reusable, affordable, and efficient option. Whether you are advertising or attracting people to attend an event or purchase a product.

Below are a few common uses for custom vinyl signs:


Look for opportunities to hang your vinyl signs at local events, from outdoor shows to festivals. Many events, such as small community events will welcome advertising dollars. They will sometimes allow you to do it for free if it fits with the event. 


Your event vinyl signage Makers or banner needs to be visible for overpasses. For this, you need to work in a high-traffic area that allows you to strategically target your customers. 

Although you get both local and outbound traffic on high freeways. It is the daily traffic that you catch and it depends on your messaging hitting other traffic is just a bonus for your business.

Athletic fields and arenas: 

Your business can get attention anywhere a sporting event takes place. So, whether it’s local arenas, children’s soccer fields, or major sporting events, there’s always an opportunity to advertise. But you need to make sure that you’re reaching the right target audience based on fan and spectator profiles.


In the end, the type of material you use and the printing medium depends on your budget and on the way you want to run your marketing campaign. Vinyl is usually used for signs and smooth surfaces. You can use it for your business’s outdoor advertising and put up large banner signs that attract the attention of your potential customers.