WP EasyPay Getting Popularity Among Payment Solutions

Why WPEasyPay is getting popularity among Payment Solutions-

The market segment of eCommerce is rapidly growing these days. The declining level of online businesses has also immensely increased with the passage of time. Having an online store means that you must have an optimal and secure online payment system. That integrated with your online store.

User must have a WordPress payment plugin for your store. And if you want to withdraw your earnings. WordPress consumes plenty of digital resources that include both free and premium WordPress payment plugins for your online store. Along with free payment plugins that will help you to decide which one suits your business needs.

Integrate square payment gateway in WordPress

Seamless payment gateway integration with WordPress plugins provides insightful ways to process your payments or transactions in an advanced and manageable way. An integrated payment plugin covers almost all the technical and managerial aspects of how a payment plugin. Works to withdraw transactions, send and receive payments, and safeguard your precious amount of money. Covering up all the security metrics of the digital payment system.

What is WP EasyPay?

WP EasyPay is a smart and secure WordPress plugin designed to integrate square payment gateway in WordPress and simplifies the acceptance of square payments. Using this plugin, you can start accepting online credit card payments instantly, skipping the complex procedures of how to set up a shopping cart system.

Simply accepts simple and donation payments within a few minutes providing a seamless payment process. So hat enables your business to initiate transfers at virtually any time. WP EasyPay works well to accept simple payments, donations, subscriptions, and recurring donations. You need to fulfill the requirement of one-time payments to keep your business in a streamlined and user-friendly manner. You can easily manage transaction notes, email notifications, and manage reports from the admin panel.

Features of WP EasyPay

WP EasyPay comes integrated with several mesmerizing features some of them are as follows:

  • Multi-Step Form – The multi-step form layout is a step-by-step tab interface that works perfectly for signups and payments.
  • Modal or pop-up form layouts – Devise the look and feel of your form by providing a clean design. This layout occupies less space and gives your form a well-structured look and feel.
  • Improved Form Builder – You can change the look and feel of your form with just a click of a button. By using Amount Layout Support, Drag and Drop functionality, Success URL redirector, and vice versa.
  • Intuitive Single Form Layout – Provides simple, easy-to-use, and straightforward functionalities that make payment collections simpler and easier.
  • Subscription Reports – Users can simply create parent subscription reports, and subscription transactions reports incorporate within their multiple children.
  • Subscription Pause & Run Functionality – The user can simply pause the subscription from the back-end without ending or eliminating it and rerunning it whenever required.
  • Upload Fields via Drag & Drop Functionality – You can simply add an “Upload Field” into your payment form via the drag & drop functionality so it makes an easy process for the users to upload different media files.
  • Date and Time Field with Calendar – You can add the ‘Date and Time’ field to your payment form by selecting the date and time before form submission. Also, you can also click on the calendar button to load the calendar and select any date, month, or year.

Use Cases and Applications of WP EasyPay

WP EasyPay is a robust and smart automation payment plugin so that can be implemented in multidimensional application areas. Also, some of them are as follows:

  • eCommerce Stores – The WP EasyPay is always applicable for your online store to initiate transfers virtually at any time and anywhere.
  • Client Appointment Expenditures – For a working professional, WP EasyPay will be the best facilitator to receive your consultancy charges in advance via your website.
  • NGO Activists – If you own an NGO for multiple purposes such as general welfare, animal safety, environmental causes, community education, domestic violence, and old-age houses. Also, WP EasyPay donation payment features can be a valuable asset that increases sufficient funds for your goals and objectives.
  • Service Provide Business – WP EasyPay is a notable payment plugin for online service providers that includes food delivery companies, private ride-hailing service providers, visa application assessments, holiday packages, and many more.
  • Recurring Customers – WP EasyPay easily deals with your recurring customers quite smoothly with its premium features of recurring payments for services such as SaaS subscriptions, also, WooCommerce store subscriptions, and relevant types of recurring payments. To check more: newstechpost

Closing Thoughts

In a nutshell, the rise of payment solutions has revived the digital banking industry to the next level but with the use of WP EasyPay. Moreover, You can easily integrate the square payment plugin into your WordPress site. Also, enabling you to experience the automated exposure of generating transactions and leveraging the digital payments to the climax.