Wooden Dish Brush Care Guide

Wood dish brushes make for an ideal no waste choice as opposed to plastic clean brushes and dish wipes! Our dish brushes are created utilizing beech wood and component sisal bristles on a replaceable head making them an unprecedented sensible exchange. Sisal is a trademark fiber got from the long green leaves of the ‘agave sisalana’ desert flora plant, meaning they are all-normal and plant based.

Since these things are planned to biodegrade long term, starting seeing kitchen scrubber brush signs of wear following a few months is possible. Slight breaking and twisting is absolutely standard, nevertheless, to help with postponing the presence of your dish brush, coming up next are several consideration tips.

Permit the brush to dry

Resulting to using your dish brush, give it a light shake or tap on your sink to dispense with excess water. Hang or spot you brush bristle side down, this will allow water to run off and thwart less than ideal winding and breaking. Allowing your brush to dry suitably after every use is the principal component for growing its future!

What you can expect

Yet again you could see signs of breaking in the brush head, this is standard and shouldn’t impact the introduction of the brush. If you see faint spots on the brush, this is achieved by oxidation of the wood which can be from the minerals in your water, this should not be confused with shape!


To clean or disinfect your brush, you can retain a bubbling water/vinegar mix for a few minutes to kill any microorganisms. This is optional and may not be indispensable expecting your brush is washed properly after every usage! Make an effort not to let chemical turn of events or food development sit on the strands.