WPS Office: The Free and Easy Way for Students to Edit Office Files


As students, we know how easy it is to get bogged down with studying and other school activities that leave us little time to do anything else, including spending time on our personal projects. Fortunately, Free Office For Students makes it possible to edit your Word files, Excel files, and PowerPoint files without having to worry about formatting or conversion delays because it’s free and compatible with both PCs and phones. Not only that, but you can also convert your Word file, Excel file, and PowerPoint file to PDF! The best part? It’s completely free! Learn more in this article on WPS Office.

Student Office Suite

WPS offers a variety of different versions of its office suite that makes it easy for students to edit documents without breaking the bank. If you have your own computer, you can download the WPS Office Software for free at home or at school, which is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Plus, there’s no installation required! Or if you’re more of a mobile-minded person, try downloading the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Whichever option you choose will give you access to all of WPS’s latest features like checkboxes within a cell in Excel files as well as exclusive Microsoft compatibility with Publisher included in Suite 2016.

Share files easily with others

Documents can be downloaded from WPS in DOC, XLS, or PPT formats. That means you can share your documents with friends and family easily through email or text messaging. You can also save them onto a flash drive or upload them to the cloud! However, be mindful of copyright restrictions when sharing copyrighted materials.

Switch on and off anytime

Are you one of those people who’s always forgetting their documents at home? No worries! You can switch on and off anytime. Download Wps if you don’t have the program installed. After downloading, select whether you’re using a PC or phone then simply open the file to start editing! There are many other features such as copy paste, adding pictures, documents etc that I have not mentioned which allows this program to be perfect for anyone. What’s more, there is even a way of converting your office files into PDF format! Definitely worth a try!

Download directly from Google Play or Apple App Store

We want the WPS Office to be easy enough for our parents who are retired, said Konstantin Simonov, General Manager of WPS. We want it to be easy enough for our children who are in middle school. We want it to be easy enough for our grandparents.

The interface is relatively intuitive, with a main menu that contains all of the tools you’ll need in a way that’s straightforward enough even for the most inexperienced user. In addition, there are many tutorials available within the app itself to help you learn how to use the various functions at your disposal. Not only can you use this app as an office suite you can also share documents with Wps Cloud and work with others without ever converting anything!

Convert to PDF

In the latest version of WPS Office, document conversion can be done through either your PC or your phone. Simply open up a file in the app, click on File -> Send/Share, and then select PDF. All you have to do after that is click Open.

The PDF files created are already shareable documents, so you can send them as email attachments or upload them to Dropbox with a few taps.