XResolver Xbox and PS4 Gamertags to IPs (2022)


Playing console games online has been as popular as playing on other platforms. It gives users the ability to make friends and chat during games. It also contributes to creating a healthy competitive match. Most players participate in the game through a Gamertag or alias.

What is xResolver?

xResolver is an online service that parses GamerTags and PlayerIDs of both Xbox and PlayStation users into an IP-readable format. It is also called Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver. Basically, it’s a database that scrapes various player data, including a user’s IP address, alias, and ISP data.

It does this by applying advanced algorithms to search for confidential information. While this can be useful in some situations, it can also reveal your identity online, which can be easily exploited by others. xResolver makes the following claims to its users:

Withheld information is said to be public in nature and legally exposed online. However, it depends on other users how it is used.

To blacklist or remove your gamertag from the website’s database, you must pay a certain fee.


7 Best xResolver Alternatives

As you may know by now, xResolver has some glaring issues that can directly affect your online identity. Here are some safer alternatives that offer services like xResolver. Although most of them can cost you, some are completely free options.

1. Lanc Remastered PCPs

Lanc Remastered PCPs is an open source, network monitoring and packet sniffing application. It retrieves IP addresses from gaming sessions on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and stores them in its database as gamertags.

It is an easy-to-use platform with an interactive community. As a solver, you can use it by searching for a particular player’s gamertag or nickname in the database. Lanc Remastered PCPs is also a free tool that is supported by most browsers.

2. Xbox Solver

Another free web tool capable of obtaining IP addresses from Xbox Live gamertags is Xbox Resolver. After entering a player’s Gamertag, you’ll see their online information such as IP address, location, username, and ISP data.

However, some users have reported problems using the site, such as slow loading times. Try refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache if you are experiencing this.

3. Xboxonebooter

Xboxonebooter is a web service similar to xResolver. It is known as one of the few free IP booters, IP pullers, and IP catchers offline and online. It also provides VPN options for Xbox.

The website also provides detailed steps on how to retrieve another player’s IP address and boot online. Its various tools are capable of capturing a player’s geolocation, username and other online data.

4. PS4 Booter

Another tool similar to Xboxonebooter is PS4 Booter. It is the PS4 counterpart of the same developer’s Xbox Web Tool. It captures, captures and bootstraps IP addresses of players on the PlayStation network. also guides users on booting other players online and the importance of VPN on PS4.

5. OctoSniff

OctoSniff is an IP sniffer that supports various console models of Xbox and PlayStation. It works by filtering packets and decrypting their associated usernames. This tool lets you retrieve packets from various games on Xbox and link IP addresses to usernames in PlayStation games.

OctoSniff comes with a free trial but you have to pay for its pro version to get full access to all the features. For more pricing information, click this link.

6. Console sniffer

ConsoleSniffer is a network research and monitoring tool that works as an IP puller without jailbreak. It only works on most multiplayer games and is compatible with Windows. Like the other tools mentioned above, it detects a player’s IP address, geographic location and ISP.

You can download and use ConsoleSniffer for an affordable price of USD$20 and accept payments via credit cards, Bitcoin and PayPal. It is compatible with VPNs and most Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

7. Xbox Replay

Another free and open source tool online is XboxReplay. You can use its web search tool to search gamertags through its database. You can also use the site to find your Xbox clips and screenshots that have been shared online. It is ad-free and supports viewing, sharing and downloading game DVR content.

Once your desired gamertag is found, the site will display your IP information, country, city, and ISP data.