Zmodo Video Doorbell Camera Common Issues

Zmodo Video Doorbell Camera

In today’s time, everyone installs doorbells in your home. Because with this, you can easily know that someone has come to our house. But the doorbell should be such that it is wireless and waterproof and works the same in the rainy season. Additionally, with this, there is also a doorbell that works with the camera. That means that it tells who has come outside your house. Because the camera is attached to this doorbell. If you wish to buy such a doorbell then you can Zmodo Video Doorbell camera. Because it comes along with a security CCTV camera. The audio feature is also equipped in the camera due to which you also hear the voice. In the camera, the HD lens is a place that you can easily watch a fully damn clear view.

The motion detection feature is placed in this camera that accurately detects the motion & provides full security. With this doorbell, you can easily protect your home. The Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant is fully compatible with this device. With Alexa, you can voice operate the doorbell. The zmodo doorbell camera setup is simple & fast by using MeShare App. You can easily download this app with the Google Play Store or Apple App store. 

Common issues of the Zmodo Video Doorbell Camera

The video doorbell is absolutely the most suitable & perfect device to properly secure your home. You can also keep complete security at your home with the help of this device and it also works as a doorbell. But sometimes there are some common issues with this camera due to which the user has many problems. The common issues of this device are as follows.

  • Not connect to the WiFi network
  • Motion is not detect
  • Not hear any sound
  • Mobile phone is not connecting
  • A picture is very blurry
  • Not turning ON

Unusual steps to resolve the Common Issues of Zmodo Video Doorbell Camera 

Many times the video doorbell is not working like not detecting the motion, the picture is blurry. Not connecting to the WiFi network is another common issue. If you wish to resolve this issue manually, then you can follow some steps. 

Place the router near the Zmodo Video Doorbell Camera

If your security camera is not connecting to the WiFi network then you will not be able to watch Live View. Due to this, you will not know who has come outside your house and the user will have a lot of problems. If you want to fix this issue then you have to connect your camera to a WiFi network. The position of your network device is far away from the WiFi router so that it cannot be connected. If you have to fix this manually then you should place your router near the camera. With this, your doorbell camera will be easily connected to the WiFi network and you will be able to easily watch Live View without any hassle.

Verify the sound setting

If you do not hear any sound from the camera, then the user will have a lot of problems. If you want to resolve the sound issue manually then you have to verify the sound setting. Because many times the sound setting is disabled, due to which you do not hear the sound. To verify the sound setting, you can use the camera’s IP address and insert it into the web interface. Then, you can log in to the account and visit the setting. You can select the sound option, if it is diable then you can quickly enable it. Now the sound issue will be resolved. 

Clean the camera lens

If you cannot see a clear picture of the camera, then you should verify the lens. Because many times, the lens is very dirty and it does not capture a clear picture. If the dust is accumulated on the lens then you have to clean it. To clean the camera lens, you can use a dry cloth and open the cover of the camera. After opening the cover, you can smoothly clean the lens. After that the dust is clear and it records a fully clear picture. 

Using MeShare App

If your mobile phone is not connecting to the Zmodo doorbell camera then you should verify whether you are using the correct app. If you do not use the correct app then your mobile phone will not be connected. The correct app for this camera is the MeShare App. You can scan the QR code and then the app is automatically installed on your mobile phone. You can use this app and log in to the account. On the home screen of the app, you will find the add device option. You can tap this option and quickly connect your mobile phone to the Zmodo camera. 

Verify the cable connection

Sometimes the cable connection is bad due to which your camera does not turn on. To resolve the issue you can verify the cable connection. If the cable is broken or faulty then you can replace this cable. Many times it happens that the cable is loose, due to which it does not turn on. If the cable is loose then it should be tightened so that the camera will turn on. If the cable is bad or broken then you can replace this cable. 

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